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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Texas Demoncrat Al Green Introduces Impeachment Articles Against Our POTUs

Texas Democrat Representative Al Green has introduced impeachment articles against our POTUS Donald J. Trump.

The failed representative introduced them but very few from either side of the aisle paid any attention to Green.

I think it's past time we bring this whole mess to the forefront and call it what it is. The left is doing all they can do to terminate our constitutionally elected POTUS Donald J. Trump's presidency! It's past the point of finger pointing and foot stomping by the spoiled left. They've crossed the line again. This time in yet another failed attempt to discredit and distract and interfere with our POTUS Donald J. Trump's leadership, his presidency.

We need to change our country's course. We elected Donald J. Trump to do just that. Those on the left? They lost! Now it's time to get to work and change that course. Right the ship and get us back into some positive gain again. After the past eight years of liberal "rule" (I'm including the RINOs like McCain, Rubio, Bush, et. al. on that "liberal rule" list) it's time to get back on the conservative path. We voted for that, we won the vote now make it happen!

To hell with Al Green, John McCain, et. al.


Saturday, October 14, 2017


Before I go to watch my grandsons play their playoff game in their youth football league I thought I'd get another word in re: the Not For Long football league's absurd "protests".

I read THIS earlier today and felt compelled to share it.

Please read and share if/when you can.


Germany Warns The U.S. Of War...


This time they're using the Iran Nuclear Deal as their banner.

Can anyone see the irony of Germany warning the United States that our previous "agreement" with Iran needs to continue? You know, that "agreement" between barack hussein obummer and the Iranians. The very same barack hussein obama who paid the Iranians hundreds of millions of dollars in (wink-wink) ransom money prior to vacating the presidency! The very same Germany who's been responsible for the start of two "World Wars".

Yep, that Germany.

Germany's telling us we need to resume the agreement or we will most likely assure another global war. Third time's the charm eh, Germany?

This would be humorous if it wasn't a real suggestion. Germany... the gateway to Europe for thousands of "refugees" who are hell-bent on destroying us.

Iran's not to be trusted and Germany's doing nothing more than enabling Iran.

The question I have is "WHY?"


Ya' gotta love the Irish!

They know how to make good out of bad! This is a great way to spend a lengthy delay at the airport. I really didn't see anyone not enjoying it and most were "joining in".

Music, it's an integral part of communication, of society!


"Entitled" muslims gone bad...

Or mad... or whatever.

Maybe it's just me but I truly don't think they've "gone bad". I think they're doing what they're expected to do by those who mentor, handle them from within their "faith". Given that thought, that belief I can't seem to find any sympathy for theseentitled muslim "professors" and associates who believe their "entitlements" are being infringed upon.

They want what they think is theirs and only theirs. There's no middle ground, no sharing, no compassion for others affected, no desire to negotiate, no discussion. These freaks of nature? Well, they're muslims and they're professors or in some way associated with "higher education" so obviously they consider themselves superior to the rest of us. What they want they believe they're entitled to get and no one can prevent that from happening. Except maybe a cop or two.

Their demanding, self-serving, insolent selves wholly establish they're truly the bellends of society.

Yep... they've gone bad but they're certainly not "mad". It's just the way they are. Get used to it. Or don't. I'm not about to "get used to it". I'll call it out when I see/hear/read it. You should too!


Friday, October 13, 2017

And the RINOs act out again!

This time it's about the decertification of Iran's nuclear deal and Bob Corker's all over it. He wants Iran to have nukes in conformance with that failed POSPOTUS barrack hussein obummer's original plan.

I'm guessing once it gets to the legislators for their obviously liberal biased reviews the nuclear arsenal of Iran will be complete and the whole deal re: decertification, etc. would be a moot point. Corker, et. al... they're not conservatives. They're in it for themselves.

Why in the world would we agree to Iran having nukes? Not that it makes any difference anyways. Since when did Iran care what we thought. IMHO

Just askin'

Okay POTUS Trump... you're going too far.

At least in my opinion.

I woke up and read where you, POTUS Donald J. Trump are trying to dictate to the NFL Commissioner how to run his business. Suggestions and sharing of ideas is one thing but demanding, dictating action is a simple way to shut down all communications, regardless of what it's about, at least.

Rush Limbaugh, a true supporter of yours has this one right! And like Rush Limbaugh I'm concerned about your edicts to that NFL Commission Goodell on this NFL stuff too.

POTUS Trump, I don't like what the pampered pups at the NFL are doing either but then again, I don't have to, neither do you. I shut them off and shut them out. Not my problem anymore. But you're taking the issue over the top and I have to say I can't agree with you dictating what someone, anyone should do with or to their business.

If it's your business then by all means lay the law down and make it happen... your way or the highway but the NFL isn't yours. It isn't ours... it belongs to... hell, I don't even know or care who it belongs to but they have every right to run it into the ground if they want to. And quite frankly I hope they do. Much like I have every right to tune them and their prim a donnas out altogether.

But POTUS Trump, you're not a dictator. Don't go there. You won't win.


UNESCO- buh-bye!

We should never have gone back after POTUS Ronald Reagan pulled us out of that sham of an organization. They're anti Israel and they make no effort to hide that fact!

So, why should we support UNESCO?

They're just another shill for global, one world government. They have nothing to do with us and they really want nothing from us but our money. Our POTUS Donald J. Trump is absolutely right on this subject! They recognize the Palestinian Let UNESCO fend for itself. They'll do just fine without us.

Or not, but why should we care? I don't.


Well Damn! "PACKS OF MUSLIMS"...

They're prowling Farcebook looking for those who dare speak out against the islamic cult on the Farcebook timelines. The truth is finally coming out though it's been known long before now.

Either way, THIS explains a whole helluva lot.

I used to have a Farcebook account... actually two Farcebook accounts but they were both "shut down" by Farcebook. Their official reason (or so others were told)? I failed to properly provide my true and full date of birth on one account and failed to properly provide my true and full name on another one. In other words I did what hundreds of thousands of folks who use the internet do to mask my true information from hackers, etc... I used a pseudonym and a fictional date of birth.

I always wondered what it "officially" was that made them lock me out but then again, it is their territory, their forum so I had no choice but to go elsewhere. When pressed for an explanation I received a note that some "folks" who read my two separate timelines were offended by my disparaging comments and hostile online demeanor. In essence, I was drummed out because of my "anti-muslim rhetoric", or so I heard/read. My Farcebook posts were pretty much along the lines of what I've written here for over ten years. It should be of no surprise to anyone that I don't buy into the argument that islam is a "religion of peace", let alone a "religion" though, as it was pointed out to me decades ago, in the perverted, dark sense of the term "religion", islam could fit the definition. I'd call it more of an occult group than what one would expect when they lump islam in as a "religion". But then again, that's just me.

Anyway, now it's official. Farcebook is allowing muslim groups to hunt those who refuse to accept islam as a religion, let alone a religion of peace and Farcebook is banishing those Farcebook users for eternity based on the whining islamic pack's information.

I'm one of those banned... twice. I wear and will continue to wear that badge with honor!


NFL? Go to Hell!

And take your prim a-donna "players" with you.

Russell Okung has a message for his fellow players. He wants all of the nfl players to resist the nfl's latest direction.

Go for it. I don't care but hey, there's still idiots out there who support those who hate our country and what it stands for. 

Millionaires complaining about being mistreated?



Just sayin'