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A Chilling Warning...

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hitler Survivor calls BS !!!

To those who are comparing our POTUS Donald J. Trump to adolf hitler you're nothing more than a bunch of illiterate, uneducated, biased liberal idiots!

And if anyone living today would know it would be Ingra Andrews, a survivor of hitler's liberal agenda!

Thanks Dan from Montana for sharing this with me!

The Jefferson Memorial is under attack now...

By al sharpton.

He claims his family's been insulted!

So shut up already and they'll get along just fine. Every time the little big headed freak talks he's insulting someone's intelligence somewhere, he's insulting his own family, someone else's family.

So shut up already and go away. Sharpton, you're nothing more than an ugly old bit of dog shat in the tread of a shoe. You're a has been and you're a failed minister and a corrupt human being.

PASTOR MY ASS! You have no business preaching the "Lord's" words. You're all about yourself- greed, glory.


islamist's plan for conquering Europe...

Those sick, islamic fools, they're going to try to fornicate their way to "victory" much like the Catholics, the Protestants and several other "religions" tried in the past and are still trying to do, globally.

"One Day This Will All Be Ours!" the mad-hatter followers of islam are telling everyone, anyone who will listen to them. And they just might succeed.

In Europe anyways.

They're bold, they're determined and they're a vile cult. Pedophilia, bestiality, murder, torture, dismemberment, disfigurement, robbery, pillage are all too familiar tools they carry in their arsenal of hatred, of their pursuit for dominance... and they call themselves a religion.

Their "god" isn't mine. That's for sure!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

Mueller's team's exposed!

And this guy's jumping from Mueller's ship for self preservation.

Will there be more?

It's funny how so many contributed to obummer's and clinton's "campaigns".

Democrat Senator calls for the Assassination of our POTUS Donald J. Trump

Democrat Missouri state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Resign already!!!

I couldn't even begin to imagine what would have happened if a white, Republican Senator or Representative wished on that POSPOTUS barrack hussein obummer what this idiot wished on our POTUS Donald J. Trump.

There'd still be riots and calls for unrest and vandalism and demands for the ouster of all politicos who are white.

But wait, I forget... that IS happening. There are riots, there is vandalism, there is unrest and there are calls for the ouster of all politicos who are white.

All of this is happening while this beyatch skates.

Impeach her sorry ass and prosecute her if it's prosecutable.


And yet another threat...

By that little pudgy guy with the funny haircut over there in North Korea.

It looks like we're going to be annihilated again!


A Chilling Warning...

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And that process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right."

George Orwell. "1984."

Nazi Germany and its post victory plans

What would have been in store for the world?

Well, for starters the Brits would be minus most, if not all of their men. The muslims would be running rampant in the Middle East (wait, they're near that now), the Japanese would be controlling a third of the world- for awhile, Jews, Blacks, Christians other than Jehovah's Witnesses would be exterminated.

All Slavs would be enslaved forever. But that's just a start.

Hitler, he had a plan. An international plan he and his chosen allies created and were going to employ. It included world domination and it wasn't too forgiving for those who weren't in "lock step" with his Nazi beliefs. But first, he and his followers, handlers had to dominate the world.

He was labeled a "mad man" but he really was nothing more than just another politico whose lust for power pushed him over the edge... or was his plan "over the edge" at the time?

It makes you wonder...

They called it "10 Plans" but in actuality, it was only one. He had nations following his lead. Surely the mindset at the time wasn't that Hitler was a madman. He was but I can't buy off on the fact that so many "rational" nations followed his lead knowing he was a "madman", insane, in lust for power. Nope. I'm believing Hitler was a tool used by those who wanted world domination. A domination that would be settled amongst the victors well after the dust of the war had settled. A domination that all parties knew wouldn't come overnight, without serious consequences for those who resisted.

Either way, the article's an interesting though brief read.

It smacks of some political discussions we've witnessed by those who we have in power today and some who wish they were back in power. We, the people countered the ingrained politicos' wishes and elected a non-political person as our POTUS. They're seizing our decision as a sleight of face to them and they're hell-bent on making us atone for not "following" their glorious path to global rule.

Hence, they're doing all they can and will continue to do all they can to eliminate the current threat to their plans and force us back onto their path of servitude to them that they have chosen for us. Yep, these politicos today are nothing more than pawns. They're not here to serve us rather, they believe we're here to serve them and they serve those who "pay" their way.

I wouldn't be surprised at all if the global politicos have their "Hitler" type plan ready to employ when they get the opportunity to employ it.


Well, I'm heading out to decap some range brass for a bit.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

POTUS Donald J. Trump's presidency is OVER!!!

As we know it.

Things are going to change now that Bannon's been removed. The republicans and the democrats have joined teams to force our POTUS into a more "conventional" path of change whether we like it or not. The two parties have been emboldened by last week's happenings. The topper being Steve Bannon's dismissal. There's little, if anything standing between them and our freedoms now.

Steve Bannon hit the nail on the head! Those changes that are coming? But, they're not the changes we voted for.

You see, the current politicos we have in office have a huge allegiance to each other regardless of party affiliation. They have a huge dependence on their "authority", their "self importance", their self serving "status" to keep them moving every day. After all, being extremely well paid, compensated, pampered "lifetime public servants" whose protection of their self perceived importance is wholly in their hands and is undoubtedly their sole desire...  well, they really have nothing left to slow them down now. They've been feeding from the politico trough since they've been elected into office and they don't want to leave it nor will they leave it if they have a choice. They are hell bent on defending their very existence as failed politicos, liars in the name of "public service". They blatantly lie to us, insisting  they're "protecting" our interests, insisting they're the only bastion of independence left in our country and quite often the globe. They're insisting they're the only defense between us, the citizens and an overbearing government.

The very overbearing government that we've allowed them to become!

And they just might be because, quite frankly I'm not thinking we're all that free anymore. We have to beg to our government, we have to pay tithes to our government, to those we elected to represent us... we have to pay fees, fines and quite often pay with our freedom in order to participate in activities, events, practices that were and still currently are assigned to us and protected for us by our very constitution.

We have to grovel for those rights we've been afforded. We have to continuously defend those rights we've been assigned by our constitution! Defend our individual AND collective rights against all enemies, foreign and/or domestic.

Our politicos are not mixing words. They're not even beginning to try to conceal their disgust, their wholesale disdain for us and our individual liberties, rights.

THEY WANT COMPLETE CONTROL and they're not going to quit until they get it.

It's time to clean house! It's past time to enact term limits on ALL politicos! Local, County, State, Federal!

ALL OF THEM! But, we NEED THOSE TERM LIMITS! Twelve years maximum "service". A simple three digit monthly stipend for their service upon the successful completion of their service, a plaque not to exceed $35.00 (retail), a handshake or butt slap and a letter of appreciation. Any other benefits (health, dental, perks, etc.) should be discontinued immediately upon termination of their service and any "perks" that can be identified as having been initiated while they were in service to our country should be immediately investigated and prosecuted as a felony.

Congress, elected officicials, politics should not be a career! It should be considered a public service with modest compensation while serving. A privilege to serve, nothing more.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Obama returns to his birthplace...

That failed POSPOTUS barrack hussein obummer has gone to what some believe is his birthplace to "help" monitor their "elections".

Time eventually  reveals all. Kenya is thought by many to be obama's place of birth. After he was born to a drunk and a womanizer the global elite took it from there.

The rest is history.